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Kit Fang の けいけん


Kit Fang
1 July 1982
I'm rather ridiculously inactive when it comes to posting anything here (good gracious, but I'm a lurker). I am still around and generally available, though!

May you live in interesting times, my friend.
absurdity, animals, anime, aperture science, art, aziraphale, biking, bishounen, bond, buck tick, bunnies, bushroot, cartoons, computers, creativity, crowley, dance dance revolution, dancing, darkwing duck, ddr, demoman, deneb, discworld, dogs, dragons, drawing, ds9, engineer, enterprise, espionage, fantasy, ff7, fiesta online, frogs, fruits basket, fushigi yuugi, garak, genis' erection attack, glados, glass, go fish, good omens, heavy, hibiki, i support gay marriage, imagination, indiana jones, invader zim, j-men, james bond, japanese, jewelry, jpop, jrock, kamen rider, kamen rider den-o, knitting, kratos aurion, lazytown, legend of zelda, legends, lost, lotr, magic, manga, medic, methos' grey sweater, miss pauling, momotaros, mononoke hime, my little pony, mythology, otto chriek, pop tarts, portal, pyro, quark, rincewind, robin hobb, sakurai yuuto, sam vimes, save-circles indicated by triangles, sci-fi, scout, scout ma, scout's mom, scuba-diving, shaman king, sheik, shiny, shipping, shounen ai, sniper, soldier, spy, staplers, star trek, swimming, sybil vimes, tales of symphonia, team fortress 2, technology, teen titans, teenage mutant ninja turtles, terry pratchett, tokusatsu, toys, vetinari, video games, want to go to hell with me?, water, winx club, wizards, working with my hands, yaoi, yu-gi-oh!, zelos wilder, ともだち, ディエンド?!, ワル ワル ワル ワル, 世界に悪がある限り dance dance dance!, 僕が好きなお宝はライダー~