Damn my honesty.


I could have just brought home 3 hot, fresh, large pizzas and some cheesy bread from Dominos tonight...for free.

I was driving home (on...let's call it   road A  ), and I was like "What's that weird, dark shape on that car?  Is it an un-lit pizza delivery sign?, it's some sort of bag....."
and as I passed her, I noticed the driver was in a Dominos uniform
I was like, "IT'S THE PIZZA BAG, NUUUUU!  D8"
So I turned off into a parking lot but then was all "How do I flag her down?"   And then: "Oh no, she's turning onto   road B  !  NO!"
then she (for some unknown reason) turned again to cut through the parking lot(s) I was in
so I was all trying to get in her way and flashing my lights like mad at her with my window down yelling:
and she zipped past me and went to turn the opposite way she had originally been going on   road A  
I was following her, all stickin' my arms out the window "STOP STOP!  THEY DESERVE A BETTER FATE THAN THE DITCH!!"
as she turned left..........the pizza bag dove off the car
(it almost landed in the torn up construction area...which is dug down several feet...and is all mud and yuck...)
so it was just sitting there in the road--totally would have been run down by another vehicle...
"Noooooo!  Where's she going?  Even if the toppings all slid to one side and she can't take them to the customers, she still needs that bag back!"
I peered down the road and I could just see her turn approximately where the Dominos is.
"Alright, I can grab it and get it to her!"
I left the car door open and dashed out into the darkness to snatch up the bag...
I hurried into the Dominos' lot.  I walked in and was holding the bag up...
and I went "Hey, I think this was you? Just came off   road A  ?  Yes?" 
She and this other gal were like, "Whut?................OH MY GOD!!!!! DID THAT FLY OUT THE WINDOW?!!!! D:"
and I told her that no, it was on top of her car...and it totally took a dive onto the pavement.  XD

....3 fresh pizzas and some cheesy bread....
Could'a been mine, holmes.

It turns out, they were that driver gal's own personal pizzas for her family, so it was okay that they be a little topping-slidey and she checked them all to be sure they survived the crash.  lol
...don't ask me why she turned the car around and went back to talk to her friend behind the counter, though.

Yes, I live.
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Mixed Emotions...

First, let me say thank you to everyone that voted in the recent Bodyline contest.  It's great that you took time out of your lives to deal with their slow and often overloaded servers to cast your opinions and show your support. 
Well, the contest is officially closed.  I was extremely gratified and honored to have received the popular vote coming in at 1st and 2nd place.  Holy cow.  o_o  Honestly, I was overwhelmed and moved by these results.

However, it would seem that Bodyline chose to ignore the voters and make their own selections.  This sadly means that my designs will not go into production.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that voted--truly.  It was wonderful to see that so many people enjoyed my designs. 

Congratulations to everyone chosen by Bodyline.  There were some wonderful entries there.


I need your help!!

Hello all!
In the interest of helping my dear friend, Rebecca, have access to some cute, classy shoes, I entered the current clothing design contest at Bodyline.  If my designs win, they will go into actual production by the clothing company and I will receive a pair of them as a prize! 
You see, many of the lolita/punk fashion companies in Japan rarely, if ever, produce their shoes in larger sizes.  The idea is that if my designs win, in order to give me my prize, they will have to produce them in the larger sizes.
Having a chance to wear something that I designed, and having people around the world able to buy and wear them too is an incredible opportunity!  As of the moment of this posting, my designs have managed to pull into the top 4 out of almost 1,000 submitted designs.  O_O  Yowza!

If you like them or if you just want to help me out, you can vote for my designs by:
~going to Bodyline's website ( )
~entering your email address
~following the unique voting link they send you in your email
~and voting for "Classy Kathryn" and "Regal Rebecca"!   :D
(Note: Bodyline has some pretty easily overwhelmed if you get an error that says "Service Unavailable" just keep hitting Refresh until it works.)
Every vote helps, and will be greatly appreciated by both Rebecca and I!  Voting is only open for the next 1 day and 15 hours after the time of this journal entry, so act fast if you wish to help!
Thank you sooo much! <3<3<3

Angel Food

What's that? I've been missing from LJ since like...forever? Well...that's partly because I've been concentrating on creative endeavors. What creative endeavors, you ask? Well, here's a sample of my latest work!! ^___________^ Enjoy!

Angel Food by ~KitFang on deviantART

Click the image above to be taken to its location on my deviantART site, then click the preview-size image of it to see the full size. You can also read a small explanation about it there. You can also follow the links in the description to my works related to this project or just browse my gallery & scraps!
As I mention in my description--I'd love to hear what you think about it! What works? What doesn't? What do you like? What don't you like? I want some feedback, people!
If you have a dA account, feel free to leave comments directly on the page, otherwise I'll gladly accept them here! ^_^ (Or emailed, phoned, telegraphed, smoke signals...anything...)

WCCA 2007

Okay, so the yearly Web Cartoonists Choice Awards are going on right now.  In the past, I really haven't paid them much mind other than to tell myself I would check out some of the winners/nominees sometime when I have time.  I read a lot of webcomics...and it's hard to delve into new ones on a dial-up connection.  You have to be really into the story & characters before you're willing to spend weeks just going through and getting the archive pictures to load one by one.  (Granted, many times the comic's archives aren't long enough to entail weeks of loading...but for any of the long-running/regularly updating comics it really can take that long to catch up to the current pages.)

Now, I certainly have my favorites (any good webcomic-addict does), and often those aren't even the ones with the best art out there.  You love a comic for more than just its love the characters, the story, the storytelling...I'm sure I could go on and on about the various things that make certain comics really stand out from others.  But that is not (entirely) the point of this entry.

I discovered today that one of my top favorites has been nominated this year--and while happily checking to see what category it's in...I noticed something......

Where the HELL is Zap!???  >:{

Zap is probably the best comic that I read as far as art & regularity of updates is concerned.  It is easily one of my top favorites.  Its use of color and lighting is fantastic and it has a clean, snappy, beautiful visual style with a consistently dynamic layout that successfully mingles exciting visuals and clear, compelling storytelling.  "Sure it does," I hear you say.  Don't believe me?  Go check it out. 

See what I mean? 


::sigh::  I took a break after writing the beginning of this, and thankfully I think it's drained a lot of the venom out of my next words.
I simply do not understand how Zap wasn't nominated this year.  I fear it must have a lot to do with that most dreaded of topics: 'politics'.  I am familiar with at least half of the approximately 55 nominated comics and the majority of those that made it are definitely worthy of the honor.  I do not, however, feel that all of them are up to Zap's caliber.  Now obviously, no contest is ever going to include all of the excellent comics in the world...and those comics with strong ties to a community of other webcomic creators will have a distinct advantage in a contest in which the nominations are submitted by fellow comic artists/writers...but I guess I just thought Zap had enough exposure to ensure a nomination.

Don't get me wrong--I am happy for the comics I follow that made it.  It really is an honor to be recognized by your peers.  But I am also sad for the two creators of what I consider to be one of the best webcomics out there.  u_u

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OMG! I figured out the extra credit for the 1st assignment in my php class! WOOT!

Fear my ability to calculate how many minutes of daylight there are for the current day at any point in the world!!

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Art Crisis!!

I can't find most of my art!!!!!
I need my art to put into my portfolio to take to the school to get a professor to allow me to skip Fundamental Studio 2-D so I can talk to another professor to let me into the closed Computer Art & Design I class!
Where has it gone!?  What am I going to do?!  Why didn't I put it all into the portfolio cases I got years ago?  Where did I put my work?  Some of it could have been rolled into a tube...but I hate doing that to finished works, so there's not much chance I'd have done that.  Plus, some of it was matted (& also very delicate...damn mixed media) so I couldn't have rolled those.  They have to be somewhere laying flat or standing up--somewhere safe from potential water damage, rubbing, bending, & crush-age. 
I know exactly where they USED to be: between the pit group sofa in the basement and the little antique speaker cabinet. I'm reasonably certain that we got rid of that speaker...  Dad wouldn't have done anything with might have moved them, but she'd have been as careful as I would...did I move them sometime during a party or something?  So they didn't get damaged by people running around & using that speaker for a table?  Dear gods, where could I have put them?!  I've looked everywhere!

Mysterious Ancient Candy

mysterious ancient piece of candy

Location: kitchen drawer
Time: 5:01 A.M. EST
Color: brown with green stripes
Flavor: unknown
Origin: unknown

A reward is being offered to the individual providing the missing vital information about this candy.

Kitten & Slow Internet Impede Creative Progress -- tonight at 11

My inspired fervor is fading...
I always seem to get inspired creatively when I am horribly sleep-deprived. This would be all well and good if it didn't also mean that I usually run out of steam before I accomplish anything.

I wanted to sketch for a little while before I went to bed around 1 PM (already having spent the whole night not sleeping...) and my brain just went nuts. It kept spewing ideas for a Halloween flash animation that I want to make for's Halloween contest. I was rushing to lay them all out on paper when Kitten showed up.

"Why, hello Kitten--did you come to see me?"
*trill* What are you up to? You're in bed but you're not sleeping... Ooh! A pencil--I love batting those around. Fine, go ahead and move it out of my reach. I don't care. What are you doing with this book-thing?
"Uh, Kitten, I'm working on something here..........quit stepping on my sketchbook."
Ah, clearly you are trying to play with me with that little grey stick which you are scratching feverishly across the paper. And thus will I attack it.
"Ow!! Stop that."
What? You shouldn't have your fingers so close to the tip. If you would just move them a bit higher up, I could get a good grab on it and bite it for you. Your teeth are so dull after all, you couldn't possibly bite it properly yourself. No decent claws either, poor thing. Really, you are lucky to have me to take care of these things for you.
::sigh:: "Hey! Don't bite the spiral binding either!"
Sheesh, your toys are too delicate...can't even bite them a little bit...

Eventually, she made herself at home on the left half of the sketchbook laying firmly on top of a page corner she had bent backwards. She sat there, purring, while I sketched on my half of the book.
I was like (O _o)?

When I finished and slid the book out from under her, she paused a moment before jumping down and going over to the window.

You know, your room is much more interesting if you peek out under the blinds. You should try it some time.

I tried to sleep, but my brain was still flooding with ideas, gumption, confidence, and enthusiasm... No one can sleep with their mind in such a state, I assure you. I came out to the computer to hunt down some source pictures for poses, props, and background environments. It's very frustrating to search for anything like pictures or sound clips on dial-up. The only thing it does quickly is suck the will to continue out of you.

::heavy sigh::


As a side-note: I discovered something about Kitten today. The instant before she pounces or leaps to attack...her pupils dilate all the way. It is incredibly freaky and fascinating. She looks so's kind of scary. >_>;